26 July 2011

Summer story

26th July 2011 (© Lise Utne).
[Thanks for blogging this -- and for asking first -- Petter Holmqvist at dream me up]

22 July 2011

Summer story

"Norwegian responsible for attacks". My sympathy goes to those who had to go through this ordeal, and my condolences to the victims' families. 22nd July 2011 (© Lise Utne).

21 July 2011

Looking for clues

British stall at international market in Kristiansund, Norway. 21st July 2011 (© Lise Utne).

7 July 2011

Looking for clues

Harbour soup with an up-market address: Nedre Elvehavn, Trondheim. July 2011 (© Lise Utne).

6 July 2011

Summer stories

Top: this evening at ten to ten (photo on wall by Yiannis Tyrovolas). Bottom: last night at 23 minutes past midnight. July 2011 (© Lise Utne).

1 July 2011

Summer shopping

Arctic Circle Centre, Saltfjellet, Norway, June 2011 (top); Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway, July 2011. (© Lise Utne).