30 September 2011

Café days

30th September 2011 (© Lise Utne).


17th January 2010 (© Lise Utne). Posted on 591 Photography Blog early this morning with the following caption: "65°32′15″N,13°22′56″E, Trofors railway station in Norway, is the geographical location where this image was made on 17th January 2010. My son and I were travelling home to Trondheim after celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday in Bodø, and were sitting in the empty restaurant carriage. The train stopped briefly, thus making possible a sharp image with the handheld camera at 100 ISO, which made me very happy when I went through the files upon returning home."

27 September 2011

In the First Place

Almost ready: a copy of the new version arrived today. 27th September 2011 (© Lise Utne).

20 September 2011

Autumn story

20th September 2011 (© Lise Utne). [Text in the poster (roughly translated): "Part of you has the strength to continue. We help you find this part. -- Church helpline." ]

18 September 2011

The cat

In the late Sunday morning sun: 18th September 2011 (© Lise Utne).

13 September 2011

10 September 2011

In the First Place

A copy of my book arrived from blurb in the Netherlands this afternoon. Some adjustments remain to be made, but not as many as I had feared -- except in terms of the sequencing. 10th September 2011 (© Lise Utne).

9 September 2011

Autumn story

Grateful for every day that there is still water in the fountain. 9th September 2011 (© Lise Utne).