30 November 2011


"All the world's a stage". Malmö Central Station, 29th November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

Inside story

30th November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

28 November 2011

27 November 2011

25 November 2011


(Postcard from Purgatory). 25th November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

24 November 2011

In the First Place

The cameras used for the In the First Place project. Rather than despair over (and apologise for) not having state-of-the art equipment, I decided to make the most of what I had access to. I am thankful for the cameras, which were gifts, and for all the help and encouragement I've received from different people in relation to my photography over the years. I am currently putting the finishing touches to the Norwegian edition of the book, and will probably also make small revisions to the English edition in the next few days (although it has already been made available in its present form).

But aside from the generosity of individuals, the book project was possible thanks to democratising developments in society: The democratisation of the photographic medium which can partly be attributed to its digitalisation; the democratisation of book publishing; and the globalisation and democratisation of communication. The internet has enabled not only easy access to vast amounts of information within general and specialised areas, and to imagery of different genres, but also the creation of artistic communities independent of geographical and social confines.

(My mother embroidered the tablecloth: a work of love and art.)

24th November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

22 November 2011

vita brevis

Cathedral visitors' centre (top); public library (bottom). Trondheim, Norway, 22nd November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

21 November 2011

Looking for clues

21st November 2011 (© Lise Utne).

15th December: This is a detail of a gig poster for the duo Skáidi (Steinar Raknes and Inga Juuso). News is out today that the cd Bálggis, by a different set-up musician Inga Juuso (glimpsed here on the right) is involved in, with the band Bárut, has been nominated in the "open category" for the most prestigious Norwegian music prize (according to Vuelie, the record company).

14th January 2012:
Bárut / Inga Juuso won the open category; Congratulations!

3 November 2011

Stories at sea

3rd November 2011 (© Lise Utne). (The photograph on the wall is by Kåre Kivijärvi. Kivijärvi was the first photographer to be invited into the warmth of the Norwegian artworld, marked by the inclusion of one of his photos in the annual National Art Exhibition, "Høstutstillingen", in 1971.)