26 March 2012


The draft copy of my next book (IN PASSING) arrived this evening: 26th March 2012 © Lise Utne.

18 March 2012

Frode Fjellheim

Frode Fjellheim © Lise Utne
Frode Fjellheim © Lise Utne
Frode Fjellheim: award-winning musician, composer and producer. All photos: 18th March 2012 © Lise Utne.

9 March 2012

Inside story

9th March 2012 © Lise Utne

Philip Townsend at Rockheim, Norway

Philip Townsend at Rockheim ("national experience centre for pop and rock" in Trondheim, Norway), 9th March 2012 © Lise Utne. Townsend worked as a press photographer in 1960s' London, and was the first to photograph the Rolling Stones. He later gave up photography to pursue various other careers (among them being a researcher for various newspapers). He had some fascinating stories to tell during his visit to Rockheim this afternoon.

4 March 2012


And here's one from tomorrow. The gap in between (see below) is today. 5th March 2012 © Lise Utne

Café story

Another day spent working flat out at the computer. Therefore this photo from yesterday: 3rd March 2012 © Lise Utne.