22 January 2012

The Lonely Christmas Tree Picture Album

These are my contributions to The Lonely Christmas Tree Picture Album, which is a brand new book now available for preview, and soon available for purchase on blurb.com. These and the rest of the pictures included in the book were originally posted in a Facebook group initiated by German-born, London-based artist/photographer Andreas Schmidt.

This is what Andreas writes about the group and about the book he put together from the entries submitted by an international crowd of photographers:

"The lonely christmas tree picture album originated as a Facebook group towards the end of 2011 and was originally conceived by Andreas Schmidt as an on-line refuge to talk about christmas trees, allowing anyone to post their best photograph(s) of a lonely tree and related comments.

The book presents almost all of the extraordinary entries that were uploaded over the course of a few weeks and preserves these valuable photographs for a time when Facebook will no longer be.
A must have book for any christmas tree lover and photobook collector alike this book gathers the finest christmas tree photographs by world renowned photographers and is undoubtedly going to be the best photobook 2012 in the christmas tree photography category. No need to buy a tree anymore. Just buy the book."

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